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and courtesy and hospitality of the
region that hosts:
La Campania.
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Paestum departure for cultural tours, nature and landscapes in the area

The Greeks, pushed by the narrowness of their ground they founded some
colonies along the coasts of Small Asia and the Mediterranean.
The colonies along the coasts of southern Italy as Sibari, Agrigento,
Velia and Paestum, designate as 'Magna Graecia'. Toward middle of the 7th
century a. C. the city of Sibari, to extend his political and commercial influence on the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea of Southern Italy, founded some of its trading station on
the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea. The most northern was at the mouth of the Sele river
and it was made more important by the construction of a sanctuary in honour of Hera.
Economic development of Sybarite trade, was the cause the increased power of
one of these small centres, that of one was most favoured by its geophysical
position. The Greek called this city Poseidonia, later Paistom during the Lucanian
period and Paestum in Roman times. The gradual abandonment from the
inhabitants and the overflow of the Salso river (Capodifiume), perhaps joined to a
bradisismo, that licked up the city, they contributed to the degradation of the city,
and the aqua of the river transformed Paestum in a swamp. The signs of its slow
decline are evident and irreversible during the centuries IV and V, when the inhabited
center, was assembled around the ancient Athenaion, then the last inhabitants of
Paestum, to escape the malaria (IX century) and to the raids of the Saracens, they
were sheltered on the near hills, founding Capaccio Vecchio ( from “caput aquae” that
is “source of the river” ). In 1752, king Carlo III of Borbone made to construct to the
road towards the South (the actual National 18), crossing the same ancient city,
and the temples and the ruins of Paestum were rediscovered.

Hotel Zi' Carmela was opened in 1960 , it is opened all year round and it is
situated at 5 kms from the Archaeological zone and from the National Museum
of Paestum and 500 mt from the sea, managed directly by the owners.
The service, the organization and the genuine Cilentana and Mediterranean
cuisine are its strongest points.

Our cuisine is dedicated to the eating a typical, good, healthy and traditional
as before, this is part of our Italian culture we are defending.
Supporters of the Mediterranean diet, in the kitchen we transform our
local products to satisfy the palates, not only for gourmets but including those
who are searching for oldest flavors and want to rediscover the the old cuisine
recipes of Cilento. At least at the dinner table we return to the origins of
eating. The cuisine is prepared personally by our
chef Pasquale and Giuliano.

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